Oster Self-cleaning Juicer

Oster: The year was 1924. Mr John Oster invented a hand-regulated hair clipper first and stepped into the trading market. After that, in 1928, he manufactured motor-ridden clippers, and this clipper boomed his business in the world.

With this growth, Mr Oster set to make another class for his whole that was for tiny house electronic equipment, and in 1946 he obtained the Steven public utility that at the time was chiefly producing drink mixers. A team was then put aside to seek out ways in which up mixers for different uses associated complete an endeavour derived by the adult male.

Steven J. Poplawski. He first discovered the blender. This noted the inceptions of the Osterizer mixer, which was associate astonishingly thriving whole within the home appliance market, creating Mr Oster a home name inside a comparatively short amount. Among all these, Oster became famous for its kitchen tools.

Juicer: It is an amazing piece of equipment by which we can extract juice from fruits. Ago, people had to squeeze every fruit to extract their juices.

But with the blessing of technology, we have now everything at our hands. But there needs an extra effort to wash the juicer.

There are different kinds of juicers in the market but, do you find such a juicer that can clean itself automatically? Yeah, it is also possible now for Oster. Oster has introduced Oster self-cleaning juicer.

In this article, we are going to inform you about this amazing juicer.

Oster Self-cleaning Juicer- Product Details

We all know that fruits are always been our first preference for our healthy lifestyle. Fruit juices are always packed with so many vitamins, minerals, and many more natural sources of good components.

But if we get that juices at home, it will be cheaper and healthier too. Do you want these flavourful and healthy fruit juices at your home easily? Then just go through the patented Oster self-cleaning juicer.

This juicer is made with auto-cleaned modern technology. Extractor in the Oster self-cleaning juicer squeezes and rubs the pulps of the fruits and also eliminates the grain from the filter in only a few minutes, without hands clean-up.

This versatile Oster juicer has an associate degree extra-large food chute that matches most whole fruits and vegetables—that means that less preparation work for you.

The powerful operation, a thousand-watt dual-speed motor, simply extracts each soft and exhausting ingredient in seconds.

The valuable drip-stopper nozzle prevents dripping when juicing, and therefore the chrome steel lockup arm assures the juicer works only bolted and secure. The components are BPA-free and safe as a dishwasher.


The Oster Self cleansing juicer is really a centrifugal juicer. Centrifugal juicers use a spinning filter to distinct the juice from the pulp through small holes within the filter.

There’s additionally a horizontal blade at the lowest of the filter to assist shared the food. The spinning filter makes a strong centrifuge that compels the juice through it.

Delicious juice at home without any mess

Every fruit is not cheap. Some healthy fruits are beyond our budget. Still, we have a craze for drinking the delicious juices of
every type of juicy fruit.

Without purchasing expensive package juices, we can now make juices at home at low cost and low time. The excellent technology has
generated the Oster self-cleaning fruit juicer that rinses first. Then it rubs the peel and removes them and fibre. And finally, extract the pure nutritious juices. It occurs with no mess. No hands are needed to clean the juicer.

Large Chute

This modern technological fruit juicer has 3 inches long chute. It is perfectly fit for whole fruit or a whole vegetable. It is suitable for extracting a good amount of juice and perfects large to collect a decent amount of pulp.

Strong Motor

The motor is so strong and powerful. It is a thousand-watt motor with double aspects so that it is able to separate the soft and hard elements decently.


The nozzle of the Oster self-cleaning juicer is a drip-stopper. For this, the clean-up process becomes so simple.

5-cup large Jars

This incredible fruit juicer has five large cups with fitted lids and a robust catcher.

Secured Parts

This fruit juicer is free of BPA, and each part is safe and dishwasher stable.

Excellent Design

Oster self-cleaning juicer is made with durable stainless steel. It is sleek in design and comfortable to keep in your kitchen.


Model FPSTJE318-SC
Dimensions 17.5″H×7.6″ W×12.2″L
UPC 053891145633
Weight 12.400
Height 20.600
Length 13.700
Width 10.100
Powerbase Polarized Plug
Cord length 36


  • As the Oster self-cleaning juicer has a sleek design so that it can not kill a vast space of your kitchen cabinet.
  • It has a 5-speed system. This is an extra gift with this juicer which the other juices have not. It means this juicer is appropriate for thin to thick leaves and soft to hard fruits. The low speed is able to extract juice from soft fruits like berries, watermelon, etc. The middle speed is able to extract juices from Apple, guava, cucumbers, etc. And the highest speed is capable of extracting juices from gingers, carrots, etc. So you
    can make a glass of juice from every variety of fruits.
  • As it owns a powerful and 1000W motor, it never takes a long time to give fresh juices.
  • The capacity of the pitcher is 32 ounces. For this, you can make juice for your whole family at a single time—no need to alter the jar.
  • The lids are enough strong but easy to open. So it can lower the risk of sprinkle juices from the jar.
  • The most and attractive advantage is its automatic cleaning technique. You can have no hazard to wash the juicer after getting juices from it.


Though Oster’s self-cleaning juicer has a bundle of advantages, it has one disadvantage that is noise. Yes, it is too noisy to use.


Oster has gifted us such a brilliant juicer which decrease our effort to get a glass of healthy fruit juice at home. Oster self-cleaning juicer is announced as one of the best juicers in the 21 st century. Though it delivers loud noise at the time of working, it works without any
debris so that it is wanted so much for the kitchen.

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