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For what reason do numerous individuals incline toward carrots juices among numerous other ancient nourishments and looking for the best juicer for carrots? Both contain nutritious components that support invulnerable framework and endurance, battle irritation, and malignant growth.

An ideal measure of beets and carrot juice supplies all fundamental components to help the entire body. There are a ton of juicers accessible with different features and prices. I expect to help you locate the best juicer for carrots, hard vegetables, organic products, and sinewy fixings.

Best Juicer for Carrots and Beets to Buy in 2021

Below are the Top 10 best juicers for carrots and beets

Kuvings BPA- Free Whole Slow Juicer

One of the best-branded juicers for Carrots And beets Juicer is Kuvings, and it is generally known across the globe.

The make is astounding and conveys just the full scope of items. It nearly gives prevalent quality materials, and never disappoints on the lookout.

It is very notable for its exhibition. It makes all the cuts of carrots and beets transformed into juice. The virus press juicer blends the juice content inside with profound thickness. It never permits the particles to be stale at a spot.

It blends the mash capably and utilizes all the supplement substances for you. The juicer is very easy to understand, and the errands are fundamentally more direct to manage to absent a lot of exertion.


Size22.9 x 20.8 x 44.7 Cm
Weight14.11 Pounds
Warranty10 Years 
best juicer for carrot
  • Juices last for 72 hours
  • Auto-cleaning feature
  • High juice yield
  • Operates silently
  • Expensive
  • slow juicer
  • Cannot juice leafy vegetables

Mueller Austria Ultra 1100W Power- Best Juicer For Instant Carrot Juice

Juices improve health for all ages humans need to absorb vitamins from fruits and vegetables.

Mueller juicers are a great way to improve health and they have two motor systems ideal for juicing carrots and apples.

They are the best juicer for carrots and apples. The motors inside the juices revolve from 12000 to 15000 rpm or 15000 to 18000rpm. 

With an 1100 watt motor, it is best for cutting both hard and soft fruits and vegetables.

It has low speed suitable for cutting soft fruits such as oranges and apples and high speed for hard fruits such as carrots, beets, guava, etc.


Speed12000 to 15000 RPM 
Warranty2 Year
Voltage110 V
Size43 x 34 x 24 Cm
Motor1100 W
best juicer for carrot
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Reverse function prevents clogging
  • Twin juicing program with reverse function
  • Very heavy and therefore difficult to move.
  • Very expensive

Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer- Best Juicer For Carrots and Apples

Aicok is an ideal juicer for carrots and apples which also extracts juice from leafy greens, oranges, etc.

It is a low-priced masticating juicer performing better than most expensive juicers.

Easy to clean and can extract juice from vegetables very softly but it falls short when it comes to grinding hard and soft products.

It can be rated above average when it comes to juice quality metrics.

At 80 RPM that preserves the vitamins, enzymes, minerals, trace minerals, and nutrients from being destroyed as opposed to centrifugal juicers. Keeps minimum Oxidation rate and no foaming. 


Size 41 x 20 x 29 Cm
Warranty1 Year
Speed80 RPM
best juicer for carrot
  • Easy to use
  • Incredibly simple
  • Affordable for a masticating juicer
  • 7-segment spiral auger
  • BPA-free dishwasher safe parts
  • Very quiet
  • Does not have any other fruit functions.

Breville  BJE200XL Juice Fountain Compact Centrifugal Juicer- Best Juicer For Carrot and Leafy Greens

Best juicer for carrots and Leafy greens, Breville juicers are one of the most demanded juicers in the market typically have a narrow vertical chute that leads ingredients in the chamber, and then it is pressed by the arguer.

The fresh juice is extracted through a pitcher and then to a strainer leaving the pulp outside.

These types of juicers are called slow juicers because they absorb every vitamin, protein, and mineral from the vegetables which are very important for humans.

Brands like Breville have found a work-around and recently introduced new, wide-mouth slow juicers, which allow fruits like large apples to simply be quartered instead of chunked into 1-inch pieces.


Size18.8 x 26.4 x 32.3 Cm
Warranty1 Year
Speed14,000 RPM
best juicers for carrot
  • Shortened Preparation Time
  • Froth Separator
  • Safety Locking Arm
  • Clean Up
  • Struggles with leafy greens
  • Not very thorough

Orfeld ZM1513 Slow Masticating Juicer- Best Juicer For Carrots and Ginger

Orfeld is the leading juicer when it comes to Slow Juicers. It has a spiral rod with 7 segments that extracts 95% juice yield with minimal foam and oxidation.

Slow juicers retain the best value of nutrients from the carrots and ginger keeping nutrients of the food preserved.

Good for extracting juices from carrots and beetroots, you can operate it without waking up your family as it operates in 60dB. The detached parts can be directly put into the water. The extra filter makes it easier to clean.  

They are simple to set up, use, take apart, and clean will get used more often.

Orfeld juicer for carrot and leafy greens seek models with specialized brushes that make cleaning easier, and dishwasher friendly is always a bonus.

Slow juicer speeds are great for juicing soft fruits, like grapes and strawberries, while high speeds are better for firmer items like apples and carrots.


Size43 x 18 x 37.3 Cm
Warranty3 Years
Speed Dual-speed mode
best juicer for carrot

  • Auto shutdown protection chip
  • Wide 3 inch feed chute
  • Single Speed, One Button Disassembly and Reverse Function
  • BPA free materials
  • Short Power Cable
  • Juice remains in the pulp

CalmDo PJ801 Portable Slow Juicer Machine- Best Juicer For Carrots and Beetroot

CalmDo is a slow masticating juicer for carrots and ginger with an improved precision mesh filter and improved spin performance.

You get up to 30% more juice and 40% more vitamins, minerals than other juicers.

CalmDo juicers are masticating juicers that absorb more nutrients from apples and carrots and Prevent juice oxidation, absorb food nutrients with its 40rpm motor it is able to pull out all the ingredients of your food.


Size26.9 x 9.4 x 9.4 Cm
Warranty2 Years
Speed43 RPM
best juicers for carrot
  • Large Chute
  • Best for the Money
  • Struggles with volume
  • Struggles with liquid-based ingredients

Tribest SW-2020- Best Quality Juicer For Carrots

Tribest is a quality juicer for carrots with slow pressing technology which helps to extract nutrients from the carrots, ginger and apples.

It comes with a separate homogenizing attachment for making nut butter, frozen fruit desserts, purees and more.

This model has a 47 rpm moto which consumes time when compared to our other vertical slow juicers.

This works better than simply having a blanking screen and using the pulp outlet, which is what most other juicers do to make purees, nut butter and frozen desserts. If you want to use all the extra functions then this juicer allows you to use all facilities available in a vertical slow juicer.


Size 19.5 x 19.5 x 44.4 Cm
Warranty10 Years
Speed47 RPM
best juicer for carrot
  • Makes less noise
  • Good capacity
  • Easy to use
  • Incredibly simple
  • Very heavy and therefore difficult to move.
  • Expensive
  • Little Slow

Aucma Cold Press Juicer Extractor

Your, search ends here if one is looking for an optimal cold press juicer. Aucma Cold press juicer comes with a powerful 7-segment spiral drill that is capable of squeezing a wide range of fruits and vegetables.

The juicer offers, a higher juice yield while preventing oxidation, and retaining more than 95% of nutrients. This juicer also produces very little noise, making it perfect for a house with a newborn, with a decibel level of less than 60. It comes with an anti-slip button feature.

When the juicer is stuck, all one needs to do is turn the button to “REV” and wait.

  • High juice yield
  • Anti-slip button
  • Decibel level less than 60
  • Easy to extract
  • Pulp was slightly wet.

Dash Cold Press Juicer

Dash Cold Press, is four inches wide and has a height of fourteen inches, this juicer might look small, but it is not to be underestimated, its size makes it perfect for smaller kitchen cabinets.

If one happens to be low on storage space and budget, this juicer can be an affordable starter option. The product needs to be cut into smaller pieces to be able to fit in the feed chute, the juicer can handle leafy greens well, with the help of the pusher, as a complementary function, it is proficient in making nut milk.

The stainless-steel strainer is integrated into the body of the feed chute and cover, despite this, the juicer is easier to clean.

  • Affordable pricing
  • Saves a ton of space with its compact design
  • Reverse function
  • Can make nut milks
  • Easy assembly and cleanup
  • BPA-free
  • 72 hours juice life
  • 1-year warranty
  • One needs to prep the ingredients to fit the feed tube.

Aobosi Juicer

The Aobosi AMR520 Juicer is a low RPM juicer with 80 RPM, which prevents heat buildup, and has a motor of 150 power watts. A masticating juicer that successfully separates the pulp and is highly recommended for leafy greens. It comes with a narrow feed chute for safety.

The vegetables and the fruits must be peeled before being fed into the juicer as it might clog the juicer. It has a unique reverse speed technology, to assist if jams occur. This juicer is an all-plastic construction model, but the removable components are dishwasher safe.

Aobosi juicer is reasonable and comes with a one-year warranty. For Amazon customers, a one-month free trial is an option. It is a very affordable piece of machinery and the reverse technology feature makes it easier to operate. However, the whole process becomes time-consuming as the produce needs to
be peeled before being fed to the machine, also the product is 70-80% plastic which makes it is less durable.

  • The most affordable horizontal masticating juicer in the market
  • It can juice a wide assortment of fruits and vegetables
  • High juice yield and nutrient retention
  • 72 hours of juice shelf life
  • BPA free components
  • Quiet operation
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • Slow juice extraction time
  • Small chute opening requires a decent amount of prep time
  • Not designed for processing soft mushy fruits like mangoes, bananas and the like
  • No extra food processing functions like what Omega offers
  • It won’t help you make soy and almond milk either

Why Should You Drink Carrot and Beet juice?

Green vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins and beneficial nutrition. And carrots are enriched with Vitamin A which is good for the eyes and prevents diseases like Night blindness.

Here are the benefits of drinking juices of carrots and beetroots:

  • As mentioned above drinking juices of carrots and beets helps to increase the vision of our eye and increases our metabolism rate resulting in a slim body.
  • Drinking fruits like apples with carrots and leafy greens rich in antioxidants help to improve our immunity of the body.
  • With the increase in metabolism the rate of heart stroke decreases and it also helps to fight other diseases like cancer, tuberculosis and diabetes
  • It boosts skin healing and also makes your skin glow, not only that it also helps the brain to function smoothly and fast.
best juicer for carrot
Health benefits of carrot & beetroot juice

What To Look For When Choosing The Best Juicer For Carrots?

Purchasing Juicers from the market or online can be tricky so you have to research well before buying juicers.

Slim Design For Easy Cleaning

Juicers should be Slim in design so that they could behold properly; a rubber grip in a juicer makes it a lot more stable to hold. You don’t want your juicer to slip from your hand. A cleaning brush small enough to get into the tightest spaces eliminates any lingering ingredients, too, to keep your juicer hygienic.

Size of Juicer and Large feeding Tubes:

A juicer with an extra-large tube for apples and other big fruits or vegetables works wonders. You can add ingredients to the mix without worrying about finding time to chop them into small pieces.

This is an underrated factor but important because the kitchens usually have limited space, and Juicers usually take up a lot of space but still, they come in different sizes, so you can try to get the one that fits well on your kitchen’s slab perfectly while taking out the juice.      

Noise Cancellation Capability

If the noise is more, your baby might wake up, and other members may be irritated by the sound as well. Of course, handling a little noise should not be an issue.

But, if you are forced to use a juicer that makes a lot of noise and gets irritating, you would tend to stop using it.

Safety and easy to clean

The juicer should consist of safety locks this will ensure that no one except you could operate the juicer. Carrots and beets are the most popular vegetables chosen for Juicing, because of their richness in nutrients. But to prepare a glass of carrots and beet juice you’ll need a powerful juicer machine.  And if the parts are not simple it will be difficult to clean them resulting in unwanted bacteria.

Time Required to prepare

Time is one of the important factors because the more carrots and ginger you will feed into the juicer the more time it will take to prepare, the two types of juicer Centrifugal and Masticating takes a different amount of time, Centrifugal is faster than Masticating but then Masticating absorbs more nutrients than Centrifugal.

Affordable Price

The cost associated with the juicer alone may not be a contributing factor to the value of a juicer. You are spending your hard-earned money on the juicer, and you would not want to spend it on some substandard product. This is important to calculate your budget, as there are wide ranges of Juicers available. These were the things you should consider before purchasing a juicer.

How to Make a glass of Carrot Juice with a Juicer?

Here are the following steps by which you can make juice of carrots easily:

Step 1: Take two to three carrots or you can take more according to your need, Clean them with fresh water two times so that the carrots are safe to eat.

Step 2: If you want to remove the peel of the carrot you can, but our personal advice is to not remove the peel because most of the vitamins are in the peel of carrots which is good for your eyes.

Step 3: Then you have to see whether or not your juicer can take all the carrots if not then cut the big carrots into small parts so that they can be put in the juicer.

Step 4: Switch on the Juicer!

best juicer for carrot
How to make carrot juice

Which Juicer is Good for Carrots and Beets?

Carrot juice is a very healthy diet especially in breakfast it contains lots of nutrients and Vitamin A having carrot and beet juice regularly in the morning can boost up your immunity.

If you go for Centrifugal juicers it will provide you speed and can make juice easily in a little amount of time but then it does not extract all the nutrients from apples and carrots.

On the other hand, if you go for Masticating Juicers it will provide you slow speed but your juice will be full of nutrients and vitamins if you want less quantity of ginger juice or apple juice but with high vitamins, in it, I will recommend you this type of juicer

 But at last, it doesn’t matter whether you go big or you go small. What matters is that you decide to buy the best juicer for carrots today.

Decide Your Budget

This is important to calculate your budget because there are varieties of juicer available in the markets ranging from low to high whereas premium will cost you high depending on their specification. Although, both of the machines have the same primary goal, to extract the juice from fruits and vegetables.


Along these lines, we have sorted out the best juicer for carrots. Utilizing the juicer is much the same as utilizing the blender. Basically cut your organic product or vegetable. At that point set up your juicer with a speed choice and switch them on after placing the thing in. Try out these juicers and enjoy the refreshing taste of juices and make the best health.

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