Best blenders for making smoothies

There are many types of blenders, but the best blender is the kind that makes a perfect smoothie! One may say this, because the best blender might be versatile, in the sense that, it might be capable of making puree, soups, and so on, but one of the most crucial domestic applications for a blender is making those cool and yummy smoothies, one that soothes your soul.

If you are a smoothie fan like us! You have navigated yourself to the right place. A multi-purpose and strong blender might be good. However, it may not be a necessity for you if you just want a blender for smoothies, all you need is something that would be powerful enough to mince the fruits and break the ice, all the while blending them together.

Top 10 Best Blenders For Making Smoothies

Blenders and smoothies go hand in hand. Without a blender, you can make smoothies. But when it comes to making the perfect smoothies, you need the perfect blender. Choosing a blender is not an easy task. There are many things to consider and you need to go through a lot of options before you can decide on the right one. This blog will take a look at some of the best blenders on the market for making smoothies and help you reach a decision on which one is right for you.

Oster Versa Countertop Blender

The Oster versa is a blender equipped with 1400-watt power and a cross-rigged blade that spins at about 250 mph for maximum breaking and grinding. It features a low profile, 64-oz. jar with measurements and shaped with a narrow bottom to pull ingredients towards the blade with the tamper’s help.

The lid is made of rubber and can fully seal with a removable cup where the tamper is inserted. The jar also has a non-slip handle making it easy to shift throughout your kitchen.

It comes with a speed dial that has low, medium, and high-speed options and three pre-programmed functions for smoothies, soups, and dips/spreads. It also features two cookbooks for delicious and easy recipes. Certainly best fits one’ budget, for a high-performance and highly precise blender.

  • Can hold up to 64 oz
  • Equipped with 1400- watts of power
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Might shake when used in high-speed mode
Best blenders for making smoothies
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KOIOS Immersion Hand Blender

The KOIOS immersion blender makes your overall, cooking experience smoother. It offers 800- watt power and an all-copper motor with an ergonomic, non-slip grip. The blender shaft is made from stainless steel, and the blade is titanium-reinforced, anti-adhesion, and corrosion-resistant. It has a unique shape to help contain the ingredients and avoid spillage.

It also includes a whisk attachment, and both shafts are easy to install and remove. It has two silicone buttons: an on/off and turbo pulse and continuous buttons along with a speed dial at the handle with 12-speed options.

The shaft is remained intact despite the speed, additional accessories also include a 600- ml beaker and 500-ml food processor.

  • Comes with 20 oz. beaker and a 17 oz. chopper
  • Has a powerful 800-watts motor
  • 360-degree installation and disassembly
  • Made with 304 stainless steel
  • Heavy and might cause problems while shifting
Best Blenders For Making Smoothies
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Cleanblend Countertop Blender

The Cleanblend blender is considered to be one of the “most powerful blenders”, which has to offer, 1800 watts motor. The blender generates enough torque to crush ice into a fine texture, or process hot soup. This blender is specially curated for people who are always in the kitchen, crafting smoothies, salsa, and soups.

If you are the type to use your blender almost every day, investing in this durable and heavyweight kitchen tool is the right choice.

  • 64 oz. capacity
  • 1,800-watts power
  • Crushes ice with ease
  • Stainless steel blades
  • The pitcher might not attach tightly
Best Blenders For Making Smoothies
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PopBabies Portable Blender

PopBabies portable blender is a portable unit that lets allows you to make smoothies and protein shake anywhere you go. Its cross blades might not be much but still effective in grinding ingredients.

It comes with additional accessories, such as a silicone funnel to avoid spilling ingredients and a silicone ice tray ideal for its crushing capacity.

The container, capable of holding 14 ounces and is made from food-grade material. It also has a lid with a carrying loop and measurement markings of ml and oz. It needs 3-5 hours to be fully charged and work for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

  • Compact design makes it easy for you to take it along
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Can be charged by USB
  • It takes too long to charge
Best blenders for making smoothies
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Hamilton Beach Personal Blender

The Hamilton Beach Personal Blender is equipped with a 175-watt motor and equally sharp blades, a one pulse function, the Hamilton Beach blender is ideal for fruits, liquid, and powder ingredients.

It serves the purpose of both the blender and a drinking cup, with a leak-proof lid slide, making it easier to drink from.
The cup measures 14 ounces, is BPA-free and has measurement marks.

While cleaning, one may simply detach the cup from the base and wash it by hand or use the dishwasher. It works with ice, but only if you put a little amount of it along with a lot of liquid for the pulse function to work. It is available in different colours.

  • BPA-free material that comes with a compact design.
  • Has stainless steel blades
  • Easy to use one-touch blending
  • Preparing/blending harder options might require a longer buffer time
Best blenders for making smoothies
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Chefman Immersion Hand Blender

Chefman immersion blender is a contender in the arena of efficiency and simplicity and can get any work done quickly. It hosts a power of 300-watt and comes with sharp cross stainless steel blades, it can chop and crush vegetables, fruits, and nuts for smoothies, soups, and sauces.

The blender is designed with an ergonomic and rubberized handle. It also features a 2-speed option that lets you control the consistency you want to achieve with your smoothies.

  • Sleek and ergonomic design
  • Detachable cross blades
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Does not include any other extra accessories
Best blenders for making smoothies
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Breville BSB510XL Control Grip Immersion Blender

The blender comes with an ergonomic and rubber handle and has a perfectly equalized weight, has a firm base, and attachments. Its overall length is 8 inches, which becomes a handy feature for reaching the bottom of any container.

The Breville BSB510XL has a unique bell shape for maximum crushing and it also avoids spillage of ingredients.

The blender comes with 280-watt power, it can effectively crush ingredients into a smooth texture.

  • It comes with an extra-long cord for portability.
  • Has a 25 oz. chopping bowl and 42 oz. large jug
  • Consist of total of 280-watts power
  • Anti-suction head
  • Take longer to attain smooth consistency
Best Blenders For Making Smoothies
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Mueller Austria Ultra-Stick Immersion Hand Blender

The blender offers, detachable shafts, and an s-shaped blade, whisk, and milk frother. It comes with 500-watt power output, a versatile blender that can make an array of food including whipped cream, smoothies, cake batters, soups, sauces so on, and so forth.

Its handle has an ergonomic and non-slip design, which includes a power button and an assessable speed dial with eight options. The Mueller Austria blender is long and slim enough to reach any container, may it be a glass, a bowl, or a pot. If one is looking for a more compact and versatile blender with multiple attachments, then Muller would be perfect for you.

An immersion blender like this one, can be easy to carry around and use. If you have been struggling with cleaning your blender because of the attached parts, you won’t have to struggle anymore with this one as the blades are detached from the motor itself and this can be an added advantage especially when you are
carrying it around.

  • 500-watts power
  • Comes with a full copper motor
  • Removable blending arm, and easily attachable
  • Includes supplementary attachments for wishing and frothing
  • The blades might scratch the container
Best blenders for making smoothies
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Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender

This blender is a premium choice product. The Vitamix is no doubt a powerful blender if one is concerned with its performance. The Vitamix Professional blender features a large and powerful cool-running motor. It also features a 64-ounce low-profile pitcher which might look large but comfortably fits under most counter-tops.
It has a controllable blending speed, which can be adjusted by turning a dial on the front panel, and the variable speed gives you the most versatility.

  • Has a large size, perfect for times when you have many house guests
  • Consist of powerful motor
  • Has a variable speed
  • Very costly
Best blenders for making smoothies
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NutriBullet Pro NB9-1301

This blender could be one of the best value picks and the perfect choice that is one is an independent individual. The blender itself might not look like much, but it offers an amplitude of options.

The NutriBullet utilizes one’s smoothy glass as a pitch, and it offers two of those. One can easily mix the ingredients in the cup, secure the lid, and attach it to the blender. The NutriBullet has a powerful 900-watt motor that makes a short work of everything one places in the cup. It uses stainless steel, an extractor pair of blades and immense torque to break up the ingredients. It’s effortless to clean, thus, it only requires rinsing the blade and cup.

  • Has a powerful motor
  • Is easier to cleanup
  • The lid might unscrew while blending
Best blenders for making smoothies
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How To Select The Best Smoothie Blender

Selecting the best smoothie blender might be a herculean task, that is, especially if this is your first blender. Thus, one needs to go through the many available features and conduct comparisons even to start. To ease your life and save your time, yet help you pick the best smoothie we have prepared some guidelines before you consider purchasing your blender.

What type of blender suits your needs the best?

There may be multiple variations of blenders to choose from, for example, countertop blenders, high-performance blenders, personal bullet blenders, hand/immersion blenders, single-serve blenders, juicer-blender combo, battery-operated blenders, and gas-powered blenders.

Are you looking for personal or business purposes blender?

Not all blenders are created equal, some of them are meant to be used for business and some are solely made for personal use. The high-performance blenders are food for commercial use, while any blender with basic features can be ideal for personal use.


A blender’s Durability becomes crucial as blenders are kitchen tools that one might use frequently, especially if one loves hosting parties.

Does the provider offer servicing or replacement warranty?

Generally, blenders have an offer of a 3-year service or replacement warranty, which often depends on the conditions presented by the manufacturer. However, some lenders might offer a warranty of up to ten years.

Additional, accessories?

Some of the blenders come with accessories and attachments which may ease the entire process of blending making it ultra-efficient. Hence, looking for accessories is highly suggested.


Blenders with the basic features and limited uses will come at much lower prices. Provided, the basic type of blender suits your needs. However, if it’s for commercial use or you are just fond of hosting house parties then a blender for heavy-duty blending, is what you need! This blender with extensive features; of course, it will likely be purchased at a higher price. You can still choose a blender with the most reasonable cost by comparing the prices of blenders with the
same features and reviews. Once you have decided on the perfect blender to suit your needs, we have you covered, with the most flamboyant and dynamic blenders in the market.

We believe that our suggestions will come in handy while you make your next purchase. We highly recommend, our choices and to live you with a departing note, Ninja would be the overall best. As it features a strong motor, two blending pitchers, stacked blades, easy cleanup, and smoothie glass. Hope that you will reconsider, your choices and make a wiser choice instead of a wild guess. You are now a blender expert! Wish you all the best, until next time.

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