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Hello, readers (or expert juicers if you like), Juicing is one of the finest ways to receive those essential nutrients and begin your first steps toward a healthy lifestyle; but, if you prefer to eat fruits and vegetables raw, that may suffice. Juicing, on the other hand, is its own game, with experts describing a balanced juice as “a garden in a cup.”

If you’ve already started juicing, this information is for you! When fruits and vegetables are juiced, the fibres are broken down more quickly, making it easier for the
digestive system to access and use the nutrients. To relieve you of your worries, we’ve compiled a list of the top blenders for juicing!

A mixed vegetable salad will take at least 15-20 minutes out of one’s hectic schedule, which is where blenders and juicers come into play. While drinking smoothies and juices may be a more convenient option, it is critical to choose the best blender for juicing since they are not only adaptable but must also meet one’s demands.

Top 6 Best Blenders For Juicing: Best Picks

The best part about juicing at home is that you don’t need a juicer to make those delicious and healthy juices. If one decides to purchase a multi-purpose blender. To do so, one must go through numerous pages of text and compare an infinite number of devices on the internet. As a result, we’re here to rescue the day with our specifically selected selection of blenders just for you!

The juicing quality, durability, guarantee, design, and pricing of these blenders have all been tested and compared. Continue reading to learn about the top 6 options.

Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender

Certainly a good choice and less expensive, the Hamilton Beach blender has four-speed settings, including a smoothie/puree mode. When used with a nut milk bag, it can also prepare juice. Because of the blender’s compact size, it may be used even in tiny stations.

The dishwasher-safe cover, blades, and glass pitcher make cleanup a breeze, and the plastic top includes an easy-pour spout. The product has received over 11,000 five-star evaluations from Amazon customers. It is unquestionably one of the must-have blenders for juicing.

It has a capacity of 39.9 ounces, four-speed settings and a torque of 700watts. Making it a perfect blender for bachelor and newly wedded couples. Congratulations from our end if one is the former!

  • Easy to use, compact, and effective.
  • It’s simple to clean.
  • It’s small, which makes it difficult to use during family gatherings.
best blender for juicing

SharkNinja Auto-iQ Blender

The SharkNinja Auto-iQ Blender is a 19.6-pound machine with a perplexing UI, which may prompt one sitting with the manual for a drawn-out period. The blender offers a shrewd mixing choice that accompanies a preset, which thus sense the heap and change consequently. The blender accompanies a 64-ounce pitcher and a 64-ounce food processor bowl, in addition to an 18-and 24-ounce mix in movement cups with tops. The machine has a 1,500-watt engine which is sufficient to juice any produce. On the opposite the machine is truly clearly, covers are inclined to breaking. The SharkNinja Auto-iQ Blender additionally offers a one year guarantee.

  • Shrewd presets
  • 1,500-watt engine
  • Costly and weighty
  • Boisterous
best blender for juicing

Cuisinart CPB-380 Hurricane Juicing Blender

This blender squeezes into the classification of Compact Juicing Blender which is a lightweight, financial plan agreeable choice that accompanies an essential interface and a smoothed out plan.

Cuisinart CPB-380 Hurricane Juicing Blender is a smaller machine, with a 6.5-pound load and a less impressive 600-watt motor with a simple revolving dial with two-speed settings. It comes with a 32-ounce Tritan pitcher, an eight-ounce chopper cup, four reusable silicone straws, and two 16-ounce single and double-walled travel cups.

The motor is adequate for basic squeezing, but it will not work well on frozen food variety or veggies such as carrots. The machine’s plastic parts are weaker, and the small limit is insufficient for larger scope squeezing. Cuisinart provides a three-year warranty that may be extended.

  • Lightweight and well-suited to a limited budget
  • Guarantee is extended for three years.
  • Should include transportation costs as part of the guarantee
  • Engine failure
best blender for juicing

Juicer Blender Breville BBL620

The blender has a few tempting features, but it is on the more expensive side of the budget, and it requires solidity and power at its cost.

The Breville BBL620 Juicer is a hefty machine, weighing 11.35 pounds and featuring a treated steel cutting edge, a 50-ounce Tritan pitcher, and programmed over-burden security. The user interface has a clock and three presets, which include smoothie and green smoothie programmes. The top is securely fastened, making it difficult to remove with the attached ring pull. It comes with a one-year warranty.

  • Contains a squeezing cone
  • Provides a one-year warranty
  • Boisterous
  • hefty and pricey
best blender for juicing

Cuisinart CFP-800 Central Kitchen Juicer Blender Combo

Cuisinart CFP-800 kitchen focus juicer blender supports itself with solid proof and is one of the most versatile kitchen machines to own; it functions as both a blender and a food handling device. It features a treated steel body, a 500-watt engine, and weighs about 14.25 lb. Its general length is estimated to be 20 inches, and its line is around 28 inches long. The cutting edges are also made of hardened steel, which ensures their sharpness.

It has a simple UI that is a rotating dial control that one may use to modify the speed levels based on their needs.

  • Easy to use and challenging
  • Cleaning is a breeze.
  • Needs a variety
best blender for juicing

Oster Pro 1200 Juice Blender – The Best Buy

The Oster Pro 1200 Juice Blender is a small seven-pound device with a well-designed, hefty body. Its natural UI provides three manual speeds and three dazzling presets, including a dedicated green and frozen smoothie option.

This little machine has a power output of 1,200 watts. This blender comes with a 48-ounce glass mixing container as well as a 24-ounce mix in a smoothie cup. On green produce and seeds, this model performs wonderfully. Unfortunately, the double heading edges aren’t as strong, and the mix is fairly obvious. We also heard that replacement adornments were difficult to find. Oster provides a 10-year all-metal drive warranty as well as a three-year fulfilment guarantee.

  • 1,200 watts of power in a compact and lightweight package.
  • New components may be difficult to get Noisy and less durable sharp edge
best blender for juicing


Before buying their first blender, people should think about a few things, such as Limit:

This one is abstract and entirely dependent on the individual attempting to purchase the blender for the specific reason, which implies that assuming you are a single little limit may get the job done your requirements, but if you are somebody hoping to begin a squeezing business or somebody who prefers facilitating gatherings, then one should buy a blender with a higher limit.


If you intend to use the item on a regular basis, keep in mind that it must be cleaned on a regular basis to operate optimally. To keep your house clean, choose a dishwasher-friendly machine.

Cutting edge sturdiness

Unless you plan on updating your machine on a regular basis, you should seek a machine with a strong cutting edge that is sharp enough to separate anything. Security and assurance: Since one’s wellbeing is the beginning point, security locks, as well as the type of fibre and glass used to make the container, are always a great benefit on a blender. Guarantee signifies guaranteed speculation; total guarantees might range from one to 10 years; go for anything with a longer guarantee.

Finally, our top 10 selections are gems in their own way, but if you require the most elite, stay with the bottom three, namely the NINJA BL770 BLENDER, Oster Pro 1200, and Vitamix 1782 Blender, and thank us later, as the items are submitted in sliding request for a change. Finally, we hope everything works out well for you when it comes to getting your future blender since we have severely limited your options for what is most acceptable! Ideally, our selections will make your life simpler; all of the items have been tried and evaluated by specialists, and data has also been gathered from well-known public polls for the best squeezing blender!

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